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Lullaby Music Download Card & Illustrated Lyric Book Set

Lullaby/Book set sample read-through

Beautiful, soothing lullaby music lyrically versed to each Birth Month. Gorgeously illustrated lyrics for every month follow the sung lullaby, page by page; and are ready for you to sing  and

The Dream-a-Month® Illustrated Lyric book was designed to best display  panoramic illustrations, including large lyrics text for singing along in “lullaby lighting”. The illustrated lyric book is crafted with solid weighted, premium luster finished paper for a soft look and feel. The 9X9″ size with coiled, lay-flat design allows for full viewing of its 44 pages. It easily stays open with no binding breakage while you share your lap with your babes.

January through December books are uniquely themed from nature, representing the four seasons, birth month flowers and gem stone colors. And just for pure love, each month has some sweet animals that inhabit the fantasyscape.

The included Music Download Card comprises the sung Monthly Lullaby followed by gentle and soothing instrumentals; a full 30 minutes of music to lull your baby to sleep.

The Book Illustrations feature the option of 2 baby skin tones.

Click on a book cover below and a flip book will pop up for you to view at your leisure. All of the months are in inventory and available in the Shop

March, May, September, October & December feature Darker Toned Babies

Examples of baby skin tones:

Dark Skin Tone
Light Skin Tone

Music Download Card inside each Book

Designed for your choice!  With so many applications and music listening options out there, the Dream-a-Month® music download card allows you to choose how to listen to your monthly lullaby.

Credit Card sized, providing 30 minutes of lullaby music, the Download Card-example below- is located within the translucent pouch on the Music & Memories page in the Illustrated Lyric books. Simple instructions on the back allow a one-time access to download that month’s Lullaby music.

Music Download Card Examples

Additional Music for Download

Aside from the “My Baby” Lullaby and long-play instrumental dream sequence music that gives song to the illustrated lyric book, Dream-a-Month® offers additional original music to add to your playlist. Have a listen to a sample in our shop.

Lullaby Music Compact Discs - an added Option

Monthly Lullaby Music offerings available in Compact Disc format for anyone who prefers this medium. The Monthly Lullabies come with the Music/Book Sets as a one time access Music Download Card, but you may purchase these additional music offerings on our SHOP.

We chose the Atomic eco-pack™ for it’s new, simple, economical and eco-friendly packaging for CD duplication and DVD duplication. The Atomic eco-pack™ is similar to a CD jacket, except it uses no glue and allows for printing on the inside as well. 

Love Notes to Include with your Purchase

The simplest item transforms and brings personal meaning. When you want to add a “these are our thoughts and how we feel” touch, this gift set add-in has the quality of a finely appointed greeting card in weight and finish, with the memorable and lasting sentiment “You Are Loved”.

Monthly Themed Love Notes are enhanced with specific floral arrangements for each month. These large (6×6″), two-sided notes are a wonderful way to express your love when included with a Dream-a-Month® gift set. Love Notes are available on our SHOP.

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