Dianna Manley

Photography & Videography

Dianna Manley picked up a camera to capture the beautiful flowers that her beau had sent her and DLM Shots began. What was an interest became a passion which flourished as she began to learn the art. She took classes, practiced, learned more, procured equipment for outside shooting, and then finally built a home portrait studio.
Along the way she has had very diverse and challenging clients for weddings, events, social organizations, and animals. Yes, family pet sessions and rescue shelter photos. Dianna’s collection of remarkable travel images from around the world show her ability to capture the essences of the culture and street energy of each locale.
Dianna’s private collection of her “St. Marys” weekly walks is a progressive series taken of the 1896 stone tower, a rare historic Celtic landmark.  This collection is on track to publish in 2022.
It is the very best of fortunes to have Dianna’s skill, talent and creative eye in the photography and video work for Dream-a-Month. Our marketing team is greatly enhanced by her talent and perseverance. 
Dianna shares a beautiful home in western Massachusetts with her partner Steven and Princess Parker “the Cat”. Dianna is a mom, thematic party hostess, baker, music lover and rescue animal volunteer.

McFall Kerbey III

Legal Counsel

Mac, Thank You!

If you are lucky when you begin a new venture you have an ear, the mind and in this case the heart, of outside council and counsel, and we have been very lucky.

Mac, in his own words, is a “recovering attorney”. He has provided endless guidance in bringing the creative founders into business harmony through his years working with “start-ups” and legal experiences.

A true supporter of the Arts and a music insider, Mac also brings his love and support to this extended family project.

Thank you, Mac, for being our “answer man”, and for always giving us those answers in the kindest of manners. You  know how to deal with fussy Creatives.

Debye, Anne, and Alan

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