The Dream-a-Month® FantasyScape

Earth & Sky

Starts with the Seasons...




We invite you to lose yourself in the fantasy landscape imagined from a place of deep comfort, joy and unconditional love. Inspired by the soothing ebb and flow of its musical companion, the Dream-a-Month® landscape is a magical place, filled with the comforts of home and all that we create, celebrate, honor and protect. These beautiful pages are meant to be yours. Let this wonderful world serve as building blocks for fantastic places, both real and imagined. Plant your seeds in this place and watch all that you create grow and blossom.


March, April, May

The Dream-a-Month® Cycle of Seasons arrives with Spring.  Landscapes begin to show new growth as the air warms.  March, April and May bring what often seems like an “overnight” change of scenery.  Around the world, cultures herald the arrival of the Vernal Equinox as if to say “Thank you for showing up, and please, won’t you stay”.  Each month’s Illutrated Lyric Book honors the subtle emerging verdant land of Spring, illuminating the Home we have created, to “sing love down” and all around our loved ones.

As with each Spring, we put down our roots.


June, July, August

The lush embrace of Summer is breathed into life in the June, July and August Illustrated Lyric Books.  Deepest green foliage and vivid skies; such beauty our planet Earth gifts to us in this season. Summer, as felt through Dream-a-Month®, is a vision we come to claim as our very own, the fullness of Nature in these sun-soaked months. Surrounding our new and established families with the natural and imagined environments we create to know and feel as home, Dream-a-Month® offers a “summer place” for all to blossom, grow, and reach for our highest potential with each year’s longest day, the Summer Solstice.  And now, Oh Summer, you are in our reach, and of your wonder our new ones we will teach.

As with each Summer, we will always shine.


September, October, November

Autumn, in the Dream-a-Month® fantasy-scape, mirrors all of the stunning changes that are revealed with September, October and November.  The air begins to cool and the light from the sky softens.  Colors morph and blend together, a visual embrace that nurtures and leads from the breathless to quiet reflection.  We want everyone to experience these months with all of the pleasures they hold forth. “Dear Fall, you really do have it all”. The Autumnal Equinox aligns as the path ahead is filled with longer and deeper nights.  And, as we look out the window from the wholeness of home, our human hearts beat with exquisite anticipation of the next step in the annual cycle of life.

As with Autumn, we live in the mystery and miracle of change.


December, January, February

Winter weather defines the Season.  Blossoming gives way to glistening.  Growing is now the golden sunset glowing on harder scapes.  The Dream-a-Month® Lyric Books present in full glory: December, January and February with all of their gifts, some gloriously obvious, some subtler in their ways.  So, bundle up your bundles, and tell them all about the sounds, smells and memories of this Season – they are profound.

Home is always your protector and fortress from Winter’s extremes.  As the Winter Solstice greets us, in one hour to the next, the sky above is heavy and laden, then turns to light floating feathers of air and snow.  Breathe it in and send it all of your love.

As with Winter, we invest deeply in the rarest of beauty.

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