Growing Family

The family within these pages is a representation of your family, however you choose to define it. In the Dream-a-Month® environs, the concept of “family” is defined by something beyond blood alone.

It is friendship and music; ancestral and worldly. It encompasses all that has been and all that will be. This family is bound by love and song and kindness and an open heart.

At the center of the Dream-a- Month® family is a baby. With new life comes renewed possibility, a world of wonder waiting to be discovered, unearthed, reimagined. The child within these Dream-a-Month® pages is a representation of this new life; a miracle to behold.

The narrative of this family is yours to create and build upon; a reflection to foster conversation, inspire positive change and craft your own family mythology.

Use the magic of these pages, the artistry within, paired with a melody born from a grandparent’s love to usher in the newest member of our tribe, or celebrate anyone’s birth month! Use this gift as a way to strengthen bonds, family traditions and story-telling to celebrate the marvel of this new life.

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